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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-24

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-24

January 24, 2010 5:57 pm
  • entered office at 10.30am (danks 2 blr traffic) & found i hav to go all d way home (nearby) 2 attend a colleague's wedding. was irritating.. #
  • after lunch all d way bak 2 office. rcd here at 2.30pm & need 2 complete an entire day's work + analysis 4 2mrw sales call… aarrrghh… #
  • using a mouse for my laptop after 4 years. it is feeling really awkward as i need to type @ 1 plce and move my hand to d mouse… #
  • hating my new laptop for not having those 3 vital click buttons @ d top of d touchpad… lenovo b450… i officially hate u 4 dis… 😀 #
  • Listening to 'Mundhinam Paartheney' on — songs are really awesome. Thaman is improving day / day #
  • yayayay…. 'paav baaji' for snacks in office… and then back to work… #
  • in 3D ??? RT @bookmyshow: The dinosaurs may be back again in a #JurassicPark 4! A new trilogy, breaking away from the 1st 3 may be in store. #
  • looks like RR is becoming an unofficial Aussies team. RT @LalitKModi: Ricky Ponting and Nathan Bracken contract bought out by RR and RCB. #
  • working on d sales call preso so early in d morning. now i c dat i don't have d laptop charget with me and just 1 hr of power left… hmmm #
  • OMG…thatz amazing… RT @pdileepa: IPL Season 3 will be available Streaming Live on Youtube ! #
  • bye bye Sania…. RT @starnewslive: Australian Open: 26th seed France's Aravane Rezai beat Sania Mirza 6-4, 6-2 #
  • how will u buy a domain if d seller isn't responding to emails and ph. no. in whois isn't working? is UDRP an option? #domains #domainers #
  • 4m cricinfo — "Bangladesh are Ordinary …. India are "Extra"-ordinary!" — after India bowled 1 wide and 12 no-balls. #
  • Go Rahmaaan Gooooooo RT @the_hindu: #Rahman back in #Oscar race with Tamil song #
  • RT @LalitKModi: IPL joins hands with YouTube to bring the game live to millions of fans. Special "YouTube view" offers viewers special feed #
  • RT @LalitKModi: Viewers can choose to watch games live or at their convenience. On demand content puts the user in the driver's seat #IPL #
  • RT @IPL: IPL streaming on youtube will be free, on-demand as per convenience and will allow interactions with players, owners and other fans #
  • left home late by 30 mins, rcd office late by 2.5 hrs – thanx to bangalore traffic. got a bad look from my mgr… 😛 #
  • yayaya….Annotations is live in my @googleanalytics account… #
  • Damn… i 4got 2 add KK's concert in Banglaore to my blog & I c dat itz the top-ranked page in Google. 🙁 #fail #
  • seriously… a close shave here at work…. whew.. #
  • thanx to my friend in Hyderabad, I got my IT refund. however he had to shell out rs.1300 2 d babus there. thank u karthik… 🙂 #
  • yayay. RT @elevatedtollway: Travel in 10 minutes from Silk Board to Electronic City starting 22 Jan #
  • Sergey Brin's Picasa albums are awesome. a lesson in Geography… 🙂 — #
  • Join d party… me too in office… RT @Tweepak: Still at Office on Friday! #FML RT @GhantaGhar: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? (7:30 PM IST) #
  • RT @the_hindu: Bala wins Best Director National Award for Naan Kadavul #award #
  • Strange. 4 d last 2 days, all invalid domains r being redirected 2 a sify's landing page. I hav BSNL DataOne. Any idea why thiz happening… #
  • and no, i am not using any proxy settings. happens in both Chrome and Firefox. hmmm.. why…why… why… #