About Me

Yo Everybody,

I am Deepak Kumar from Bangalore. I was working in Google as a Product Specialist dealing with Google Analytics and Website Optimizer 6 months back. After that, I felt that I was missing my family and moved back to Bangalore. I moved to a startup in the mobile space called InMobi. I started off as ‘Campaign Manager’ handling the whole of African region.

For certain personal reasons I moved out of InMobi and have joined another mobile company called GoLive! Mobile in Bangalore itself. This is now rebranded as Airpush India, a mobile ad network based out of USA.

The main reason I started this blog was, like all bloggers, I wanted a space where i can vent my feelings about this country, this world around me. Some posts might make sense, while some may not.

So please excuse me when they do not make sense. So here I am presenting to you www.IamDeepak.com – Rantings of my life…

I have my presence in most social media sites. You can follow me through any of these online channels…

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