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Reg. Google AdWords Representative…

Hello people,

I am sorry if you are disappointed if you see this page. I understand you found this page when you were trying to find more information about the interview process for Google AdWords Representative. I had to remove information about that for some personal reasons.

What does an AdWords Rep. do in Google you may ask. Some of the responsibilities include:

* Thoroughly check ad content, quality and accuracy.
* Approve or disapprove new and changed ad submissions based on policy guidelines.
* Optimize advertisers’ keyword lists and ads to maximize advertisers’ ROI.
* Provide excellent customer service to Google’s advertisers.

Positions are available at Hyderabad in India. For more information check out:

The only tip that I can give people is – ‘Always use the product’. This will give you a better understanding of the product and will help you a lot when you are answering questions. The product ‘Google AdWords’ is not bad by the way.

For more information on Google AdWords check out the websitee at:

By the way, if you are wondering how it is to work in Google – Hyderabad, check out this short video…