Google – When did you first use Google?

In today’s world, Google is synonymous with Internet and instant knowledge. Google search on your computer, Google search on your phone, in your TV and everywhere. Have you ever thought about the day when you were first introduced to this simple website called

I keep going back to the day when I first heard the name Google, in 2002. Until that day, I was searching in Internet like everybody else. Open the browser, whatever default search engine shows up in that session, enter your keywords and hit ‘Search’. However, one fateful day in 2002, during my 3rd year in college, I was introduced to this magic world of Google. How I wish I knew then that this one word will change my life forever.

Thanks to my friend in CSE branch in college, I first heard this name. However, like people at that time, I couldn’t pronounce the name correctly or remember the URL. I ended up noting the website on a piece of paper and put in my pocket. When I reached the local net cafe, I opened the browser and enter the magic letter – and viola, a simple page with a box shows up.

I was totally confused on what to do next. I entered the keywords next. I wanted to research on my 3rd year project, so entered the relevant keywords there. I will never forget what happened next – Whatever information I was looking for, showed up in the first 4 listings. this had never happened before. I was out of the net cafe within 15 minutes. Usually these visits used to take more than 2 hours everytime. But this time it hardly last quarter of an hour.

That was the day I fell in love with Google. Who would have thought that Google would move from being a simple search engine to a Global Digital behemoth that handles almost my entire digital life? Who would have thought I would end up working in Google for ~4 years and thereby transforming my entire career?

Do you remember the day you first used Google?

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