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New spam through Gtalk – Beware!

New spam through Gtalk – Beware!

November 12, 2008 12:31 pm

Today morning, I got a ping from my colleage who is in my Gtalk list. She said that she has tagged me in one of her photos and the URL was going to (boooo). I was curious as what photo she has of me and like the curious cat, I clicked the link. It took me to a login page where it suggested me to log in using my Gmail credentials.

I thought because the ping came to my Gtalk, it is natural that the login page recognized I have gmail Id and then logged in. But, alas! I didn’t get to see the photo which started off this journey. What I saw was an online IM interface which presented me with my contact list and a reward system for introducing them to this spammy service.

I didn’t bother to continue on from there and left the site… Within 5 minutes, 3 of my colleagues who are in Gtalk, pinged me and asked about a particular URL where I have tagged them. LOL…

That moment it hit me in the head… the standard phishing attempt, but this time, it is for viral spamming… I am on my way to change my Google Account’s password as I don’t know where the details are being sent.

So the takeaway of this post is…
If you get a gtalk ping with a URL of, please do not click on it and log in.

I already have a lot of spam to attend to. I don’t need one more…

P.S. I just changed my Google Account’s password. Better safe than sorry…right ???