Play Angry Birds Rio From anywhere

angry birds rio

UPDATE 1: Angry Birds RIO has been officially launched in the Android Market. So you will not need this hack.

However, you can use this hack to access Amazon’s App-a-day deal…

Angry Birds fans across the world know the release of the latest game ‘Angry Birds Rio‘. The developers of this game, Rovio Mobile, has launched this game through Amazon Appstore, which unfortunately isn’t available to people outside US. However, using a couple of hacks, you will be able to play this stunning game.

  1. Register an Amazon account (Even if you have your own account, better to use a new one)
  2. Fill in a US address, just look for one on the web (may warn you of invalid format but not hard to get through. You can try data from here.)
  3. Enable 1-click purchase
  4. Add a credit card for payment (Again, I used data from here)
  5. Download the Amazon App Store APK file =>
  6. Launch Amazone App Store and log in to the Amazon App store using the new Amazon account you created and enable 1-click payment.
  7. GET the Angry Birds Rio
  8. BOOM! 

Do note that these steps worked for me. However, I will not be responsible for any problems that might happen to your Amazon account or your phone…

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