PSA – Nice Road Partially Closed

If you are like me, who use NICE highway in Bangalore for most of the travel, this will be important to you.

As of yesterday, they have closed a section of NICE Road – Link Road between NICE and Nayandahalli. They are laying concrete roads for the entire stretch and because of this they have closed one part of the highway.

However, if you are travelling from Nayandahalli towards Mysore or Electronics City, this will not affect you, but will do so if you are coming through the other side.

This has caused major problems for me, as all these days, it was taking just 30 mins for me to travel 35kms – from home and work. Now, with the return journey, I need to take a detour to Mysore road, and then come back through Bangalore University. The problem with this route is, there are a couple of big U-turns. During evening time, shuttle buses from software companies exit in Mysore road and take U turns here, thereby stopping the traffic for close to 15 minutes.

Hoping that this is all for the better. My only concern right now is, once the highway is opened fully again, whether they will increase the toll charges again.

Can just keep my fingers crossed… for the next three months…

Karnataka and Ration cards and LPG

Update 4: (Dated 3rd August 2011)

‘The Hindu’ carries an article today about the LPG confusion and asking consumers not to panic. The deadline for submitting LPG documents and the RR number has been extended upto 4th August 2011 (Thursday). The Department of Civil Supplies is considering to extend the deadline beyond August 4th. You can upload your documents here –

As always, do let us know in the comments below whether uploading the documents worked…


Update 3: (dated 25th July 2011)

Consumers can check the status of their connection on the website of the department of food and civil supplies

You can leave in the comments whether this worked or not so that it can help others… 🙂


Update 2: (Dated 9th Feb 2011): The Karnataka Government has issued a notice today that the last date for submitting documents has been extended to 19th February 2011. All you have to do is submit a copy of your ration card and electricity bill to your LPG agency. If you do not have a ration card, you can submit a copy of electricity bill with the LPG Consumer number written on it. The Government has warned that if documents aren’t submitted as required, there is a possibility of disconnecting your LPG connection and even cancellation of your ration card (if you have one, that is…)


UPDATE 1: (dated 5th Feb 2011) Today I visited the lpg agencies and the good news is all you have to submit is a copy of your electricity bill with the consumer number of your lpg connection written on it. It took a maximum of 5 minutes at each lpg agency. A clear example of the government order gone wrong…


If you are staying in Karnataka and you have a ration card, I am sure you are familiar with the confusion and controversy surrounding the latest Government order.

This is what the problem is. Sometime last month, the Government of Karnataka had asked all APL (Above Poverty Line) Ration card holders to submit a copy of their ration card and Electricity Bill to their LPG agency. The rationale behind this is to weed out duplicate APL ration cards in the state. This is where the confusion starts. What if you do not hold a ration card? My family doesn’t have a ration card. AFAIK, we last had a card, nearly 8 years back, when my parents were in Port Blair. When we relocated to Coimbatore after that, we lost documents for the transfer of the card and nobody bothered to get it renewed again. Read more

Platform Tickets by Indian Railways

Platform Tickets by Indian Railways

Update 1 (dated 25th July 2011)

This might be old news, but KSRTC now accepts ticket confirmations on your mobile. You can now present the SMS confirmation or email that you received when you booked the ticket and present your original ID proof. Now, all counting days before the Indian Railways implement this.  (Source)


Yesterday I had to visit the City railway station in Bangalore to send off my grandparents who were travelling to Coimbatore. Their tickets were booked online via IRCTC and they had the ticket printouts already with them. But, I had to take platform tickets. Am trying to document the various places it might be available and what is the easiest solution to this problem:
Read more

2BHK Apartment for Rent in JP Nagar, Bangalore

My Cousin just finished ‘Grahapravesham’ of his new 2BHK apartment in Bangalore. It is available for rent now.

The flat is 1500sqft with Interiors completed.

Location: HM World City, JP Nagar 9th Phase, Bangalore

If you are interested, you can contact him directly.

PS: I will update sometime later with photos of the flat and if possible the location also.

Update 1:

Location of the apartment
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