I Am Deepak and He is my Legacy

November 25th 2015 – the day started like any other day; an hour of shuttle in my apartment; once back home, a quick shower, breakfast and almost ready for office.

Got a call from my in-laws that my wife has started feeling the pain and are taking her to hospital. By the time I reached hospital, she was already taken into the labor ward.

The next 30 minutes were the most excruciating moments of my life. I could hear the shouts of my wife from inside. All I could do was pray, that the ordeal get over fast. I wanted both of them to be healthy when this was over.

At 12.33pm, my legacy was born; my bundle of joy, snucked inside the folded bedsheets, I could see a nose appear.

My life has changed forever…


Welcome to Our Family… Junior

Update 1: Included video

The last couple of days have been the most tenseful in our lives. I am sure my parents hadn’t been so feared for the well-being of my sister. The reason is, she was expecting delivery of her baby.

And today, the 17th of August 2011, the day when the protests against corruption in India was at its heights, when a single man called Anna Hazare was bringing the Government of India to its knees, the Junior decided to make his grand entrance to this world. At 8.30PM, he was welcomed to this world – using violence… Read more