Timer App – My First Android app

Timer App – My First Android app

On last count Google Play store has an approximate 2 million Android Apps listed there. Apple store has another million… and million other app stores have millions more. But I have always wondered how does the app developer feel when he completes an app and uploads it to the app store. What sort of accomplishment do they feel? Is there a background story behind that app, or was it just cos of professional contract?

I got the opportunity to experience all these feelings in the last 10 days. I work in a Mobile Ad network as as part of the Ad Operations team. Though I delve with apps day in and day out, I am not the technical guy. I am a quasi-tech guy, who can understand what sort of discussion is going on within the Product team. One of the few advantages of working in a Product startup. I am also a person who gets intrigued with any new tech challenges. That has led me to get my own domain names, my own self-hosted WordPress blogs and so on.

Now coming back to the story, it all started when my wife went to a Reiki course. She came back and said that she wanted to practice Reiki everyday and she need a timer app for it. I checked the default apps, but they weren’t helpful and the appstore had 100’s of variations, but my wife wasn’t satisfied with any of them. She challenged me to get an app done for her specific requirement.

The requirement was, it should have a timer that counts down from 180 seconds. After every 180 second, the timer should reset. Each 180 seconds was 1 Task for her.

I was already dabbling with MIT App Inventor, initially developed by Google, but later open sourced and taken up by MIT. Since I know the basics of programming, it was easier for me to set up the logic. And the App Inventor’s WYSIWYG editor was very easy to set up the interface. After 3 hours of dabbling, I got her basic Reiki App ready. She was happy with it.

Then an idea stuck me. Why to restrict this to 180 seconds only. This sort of timer app can be used for any exercises. This is my golden opportunity to work on my full-fledged Android app. Another 4 days…and 8 hours later… I had my first prototype of Timer App. On May 30th, on my Dad’s 64thBirthday, I released the app in Google Play store.

The Timer App is available for download here.

That moment, I felt a sense of accomplishment. I was very happy the entire day. My wife’s requirement was met. I have published my first Android app. I have learnt a new semi-skill now. On last count, My app had 21 installs (in a span of 4 days) and 5 uninstalls. But, I am very happy that my app is still useful for those remaining 16 users.

P.S: There is a known issue with this app. The screen will not turn off during the usage of this app. The reason is, since this app was created using App Inventor, it won’t be kept alive in the latest smartphones that have the Doze facility. So, I had to create a workaround such that the app stays live for the entire duration of the app usage.

To Be(lt) or Not To Be(lt)

To Be(lt) or Not To Be(lt)

seatbelt14th March 2016 – The day was ending like any normal day. Usual bucket load of work in office and a slight drizzle of rain on the way home. Couldn’t wait to reach home, so that I can take a bath and get ready for dinner with family. At around 7.50PM, near Doddabelle cross, Mysore Road, Kengeri, my entire night went for a toss, literally.

In one of the medians, a lorry was taking a u-turn and I braked my car when there was a distance of 10 feet. The lorry driver was following all the rules correctly. He had put on his turn indicators, was showing his hands as well when taking the turn. Any decent driver can easily see what’s happening and can safely stop.

However, a Bolero pickup goods vehicle came at full speed from the back and rammed my car at the back. The force was so much that inspite of me jamming the leg brakes, the car went forward and hit the lorry’s fuel tanks. The only thing that saved my ass that day was, when I saw the rear-view mirror and saw this vehicle come in full force, by instinct, I jammed the leg brakes immediately. I believe this slowed down the impact in front. Else, the fuel tank might have burst in flames : who knows!

I am writing this not to share the horror of this accident, but what I learnt and What I believe saved my life:


You never know when Mr. Death would want to have an appointment with you. Like I said earlier, only two things saved my life that day – I always wear seat belt when I drive. This has become a force of habit, as I driving around 50 kms everyday in NICE expressway. So, it has become a force of habit. Second, by chance, I saw the Bolero coming up in full speed behind me a fraction earlier and I could hit the brakes. This might have slowed the impact.

My humble request – Always wear seat belts when driving. You might have a family/wife/friend waiting for you when you reach your destination. You wouldn’t wanna miss that appointment, would you?


In case you are wondering what happened to my car after the impact, check the below photo gallery:

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I Am Deepak and He is my Legacy

November 25th 2015 – the day started like any other day; an hour of shuttle in my apartment; once back home, a quick shower, breakfast and almost ready for office.

Got a call from my in-laws that my wife has started feeling the pain and are taking her to hospital. By the time I reached hospital, she was already taken into the labor ward.

The next 30 minutes were the most excruciating moments of my life. I could hear the shouts of my wife from inside. All I could do was pray, that the ordeal get over fast. I wanted both of them to be healthy when this was over.

At 12.33pm, my legacy was born; my bundle of joy, snucked inside the folded bedsheets, I could see a nose appear.

My life has changed forever…


Welcome to Our Family… Junior

Update 1: Included video

The last couple of days have been the most tenseful in our lives. I am sure my parents hadn’t been so feared for the well-being of my sister. The reason is, she was expecting delivery of her baby.

And today, the 17th of August 2011, the day when the protests against corruption in India was at its heights, when a single man called Anna Hazare was bringing the Government of India to its knees, the Junior decided to make his grand entrance to this world. At 8.30PM, he was welcomed to this world – using violence… Read more