Me and Secunderabad

Last week my family had come from Bangalore and spent the weekend and a couple of days more with me . We had great fun going all over Hyderabad, shopping for pearls, Sarees (of course getting trained for the future) with a mandatory visit to the Charminar and Ramoji Film City.

My sis took this amazing picture of me supporting the whole city of Secunderabad on my young shoulders. Maybe this is indication that I am ready…. BUT FOR WHAT ???

From Hyd. family trip

People who know me personally know that Secunderabad has a special place in my heart…


My new bike – Honda Unicorn … Be a Wing Rider

Recently I bought a new bike – Honda Unicorn – Black color with grey stripes. I fell in love with the bike the moment I saw it. The ease with which I was able to use it further made me go mad. I have put some pics that my roommate took when we went on a long ride. These long rides have become a custom for us during weekends. More on those long rides in a later post.

“Be a Wing Rider” – That was the tagline for Unicorn ads. I didn’t understand that line until I started riding the bike. Now I know what it means to be a Wing Rider…


25th Wedding Anniversary of my parents.

I want to dedicate the first post of this blog to my parents who are my guiding light during these past 24 years.

3rd of September was their 25th wedding anniversary. We had a whale lot of fun time yesterday. The morning was spent in the usual manner. Me and my sister wished them and after some banters and phone calls finished our breakfast. At around 10.30 my aunty (my mom’s elder sister) and her family came down to our house alongwith my grandparents (My mom’s parents). They gave my parents gifts and after cutting the wedding cake we went to a hotel in K.G. Road in Bangalore for having our lunch. It was good funtime.

Me and my sister gifted our parents new Nokia 6030 mobile phones – One Black and the other silver.

A photo album and a link to the videos shot will be provided below in a short while.

I feel this is a good first post..what do u say guys ????