I am Back…

Like the Terminator says, I am Back. Sometime during last week, I thought of changing the look of my site. I have been using the same theme for the past two years. So I thought, ‘Itz time for a change’ and change I did. After hunting for two days, picked up a theme to my liking applied it, added Google Analytics (yea, I will never forget this step) and went to sleep.

The next day, I was randomly checking my site, it was throwing an Internal Server Error. :-O

Tried hard to troubleshoot the problem for two days, restored database from an old backup – still no light at the end of the tunnel. I had to hurriedly put up a temporary landing page so that my SERPs isn’t screwed up and back to head-breaking.

Yesterday night, when I was going to sleep, I got a thought suddenly. All this happened after I changed the theme of my site. Maybe the theme is broken after all. Today morning, keeping my fingers crossed, I logged in to my WordPress account and guess what? I see a warning saying that the active is broken. whew!

Now, put up a new theme, added the Google Analytics code again (yea…) and writing this post…

For all those people who make fun of me… “I am Back”

Lessons learnt:

  • If you have a problem that you are not able to solve, sleep over it. The solution will present itself.  🙂

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